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Affiliate program

We aim at full perfection in everything we do.

DIFIC is the strongest team of traders who are supported by highly competent staff and by qualified management of back-offices. Our Company has a disciplined business culture and a wide structure of activity.

Moreover we maintain stable and mutually beneficial relationship with the leading international companies by showing ourselves to good advantage in work and time as a reliable partner in business.

Affiliate program of the DIFIC - is a great opportunity to start your own online business. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can earn today!

Invite your partners in our company and receive reward for each of your partner!

For each partner involved, you will receive 10% every time your partner will activate the deposit. Attracted your partner is assigned to you forever.

Payments are processed automatically on the next payment systems Perfect Money, Advcash, Bitcoin, Payeer.

Each visitor is referred by your affiliate link is set to a cookie, which has no time limits. As soon come to an affiliate link and registers the user will be forever fixed it for you, even after 2 months or a year. You will receive your partner reward every time the partner will activate the deposit.

How it works:

Once you sign up and become our partner in your personal account, you will see your affiliate link. All advertising materials will be linked to your personal affiliate link.

It is strictly forbidden to advertise your company by sending mass unauthorized advertising texts - SPAM. It is also prohibited to become a partner of the company only to get your profit from a same. All affiliate accounts that will break the rules, will be immediately removed.